À la Maison Scotch…

Now that the sun is shining, I am in serious need of shorts! After hours and hours of googling, I finally found the webshop from Maison Scotch, a lovely Amsterdam-based brand. not that webshop was so hard to find, I just get distracted really easily 😉
After browsing about, I found out two things:
1. I want everything they’ve got.
2. It’s really too expensive for my budget.
But still, I want to share my findings with you, so here are my favorite items:

5 pockets straight leg jeans – 99,95

The Sleeve Collector shirt – 69,95

The Coolest Chino shorts – 69,95
Boyfriend Fit Shorts – 59,95
I’m having a hard time choosing between the two shorts. Which one should I pick?

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