A little girl

This evening I was working in the flower-shop. There walked a little girl through the shop, she wore a blue dress, a striped legging, pink flip flops and she was walking very quietly and carefully. She didn’t knew I’d seen her and she went on her knees by the bouquet flowers. She smelled the roses and stroked the petals of the gerbera very carefully. It was such a beautiful view, a little girl between the flowers.
Then, she saw me and smiled at me. I smiled back and gave her a pink gerbera. When she was looking at it her eyes looked so happy. She asked: ‘Is this a real one?’ ‘Yes’, I said. The little girl said that she would take care of it and would look after him every day.
But unfortunately a customer came and I lost her out of sight. When the customer had paid and was gone, I’d looked at the place the girl stood earlier. But she was gone, just as silent as she came


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