I’m back!

Hi everyone!
I am back from my little holiday. It was a great week, most of the time nice weather, but unfortunately the last day a strong wind in our face and a lot of rain. That’s not nice when you have to cycle 120 km with the wind against you!
Every day we cycled from campsite to campsite. But the second day we had bad luck already: we lost the key of our tandem lock! So it had to be cut through. But after that we could go on. The first day we did 115 km, the second 65 km (we were tired..), the thirth day we did 80 km? I guess, but our km-counter was broke. The fourth day we did 75 km and the last day we did 120. I am so proud of me and my boyfriend, we just did it! But what was I happy to sleep in a warm, soft bed and use a hot shower!
Here are some pictures of the holiday, I will not show you all, that would be too much!

Our tandem.

Our little tent, most of the time our campsite looked like this.

The beautiful gate of Elburg.

I wish I could live in this cute house! Elburg.

Somewhere near Zevenaar. We were tired…

Breakfast! We were to lazy to make some bread.

Fun with a statue. It’s my helmet, yes: safety first!

Just cycled that cute, little lane.

A lovely castle, wish I could see the inside!
In 2 weeks I am going to Sweden, so I don’t have a lot time to write posts. In those 2 weeks I have left in Holland I have to get my room empty and put new wallpaper on the walls, I have to pack all my stuff and I have to say goodbye to everyone… That is the thing I don’t like. I am really bad in saying goodbye…
Als je mijn belevenissen wilt volgen in Zweden, kijk dan op: www.swanhilde.waarbenjij.nu Daar gaan regelmatig updates komen. Natuurlijk probeer ik deze blog ook bij te houden, maar dat gaat moeilijker worden.
Liefs, Swaen

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