Nail of the day #3

Hi! Here is an other nail of the day. It is a colour I do not use a lot, but my favorite nailpolishes are in Sweden already. I bought this nailpolish once on a market, so it is not from a real brand.
The colour is kind of salmon-like. And I like it. The picture is not very clear, but the colour you can see in the bottle is very like the colour on my nails.
I like the colour, unfortunately I can’t take it with me to Sweden. My mum made me choose my favorite 10. It was hard…

I have got a little question for you guys. What language would you prefer on my blog? Dutch or English. I noticed that most of the reactions are in Dutch, so does that mean that I could blog in Dutch again? Let me know! I made a poll, you can see it on the right here!


2 thoughts on “Nail of the day #3

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